Are you an entrepreneur? Would you like to use your skills to create an income-generating project to benefit the less privileged? Would you like to help design or support an innovative and sustainable project? Then Vida has great opportunities for you!

Help elevate relational, spiritual and material prosperity in the Circle of Silence, Central Mexico.

  • Train Local Businesses. We are self-starters and have a passion to grow the local businesses around us. We have worked with restaurant owners, cell phone repair shops, athletic coaches, and churches to help them develop a more stable business model and give them the proper tools for leading well.
  • Expand Vida’s English School. Fees from the English school help fund the development of local gospel workers and other programs. It has had much success and other regions are asking for it too. Can you help expand to three other locations and bring brighter futures for the people of Mexico?

2026 Goals

By 2026 we hope to…

  • Establish three English schools in the Circle of Silence in Central Mexico, giving 300 students the ability to secure better-paying, bilingual jobs while exposing them to the truth that the Good News applies to every area of their lives.
  • Crete a Camp and Training Center: This will have two purposes. 1, to equip local church planters and 2, offer complete camp facilities with a fun and adventurous summer camp program, talent discovery workshops, sports, recreational and arts activities while learning about Christ and nature of God. It will also provide year round retreat facilities for families, groups, and organizations.
  • Reproduce Vida’s Model. We have made significant connections and growth in the city of San Luis De La Paz. Now other counties are asking for our help. Can you help raise up new leaders to impact neighboring regions?

The work Vida does is scalable and sustainable. You can help make a greater impact. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to come down and visit for yourself. We would love to hear from you and host you!

Business Opportunities FAQs

Your investment can have a long-lasting impact by creating business and work opportunities for the native workers. Some of these workers need seed money, others already have a business they would like to expand. Yet others need further education to gain job skills.

Yes. We are part of Guide Star and are working towards being a part of Charity Navigators and ECFA.

If you are willing, we will have place for you. Contact us and we will find an area for your specialty.